Star Quality Samplers

Forage Samplers for Hay and Silage

All Star Quality forage samplers feature stainless steel coring probes and our revolutionary Star cutting tip design. Samplers are available in push-type or drill-driven models. All samplers come with a core clearing rod and cutting tip protective endcap. See Technical page for cutting tip resharpening instructions, sub-sampling (procedure how to take a small sample from a large one) and instructions for how to replace a Star cutting tip on the SLIM, ABS and Aluminum canister models.

Star Multi-Forage Samplers

Excellent tools for obtaining representative core samples for laboratory analyses. Star Multi-Forage Samplers take a 15/32" 12 mm) core and allow for continuous sampling of 20 bales or more to provide a composite sample which is collected in a canister/sampling container.

Push-type Forage Sampler

Push-type ABS Multi-Forage Samplers

  • ABS 16" (40 cm) length stainless steel probe with Star Cutting Tip.
  • Cores probed fall into attached plastic bag (Bags not included).

3" (8 cm) Canister

$ 210.00

4" (10 cm) Canister

$ 230.00

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Slim PVC Multi-Forage Sampler

SLIM PVC Multi-Forage Sampler

  • Light-weight push-type sampler for occasional use.
  • 14" (36 cm) stainless steel probe with Star Cutting Tip.
  • Canister holds 12 - 15 core samples.
  • Probe and core clearing rod can be stored within collection canister for easy transport and protection.

$ 155.00

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Aluminum Canister Multi-Forage Sampler

Drill-Driven Aluminum Canister Multi-Forage Sampler

  • Quick release aluminum canister holds up to 1 litre of material.
  • 16" (40 cm) stainless steel probe with Star Cutting Tip and spiral-assist.
  • For use with standard 1/2" (13 mm) cordless drill (18 volt minimum recommended).

$ 435.00

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Clear PVC canister sampler
Clear PVC canister sampler


  • This sampler is designed for taking samples from high moisture (silage, haylage) bales as well as dry hay bales. There is extra room inside the probe to make it easier to remove the wet forage from the probe.
  • The canister holds up to 1/2 gallon (2 liters) so you can take up to 15 samples 24" (61 cm) deep, or 20 samples 16-18" (40 - 46 cm) deep or 40 samples 6-8" (15 - 20 cm) deep.
  • The 24" (61 cm) stainless steel probe has a spiral assist to reduce operator fatigue.
  • It has a replaceable Star cutting tip 9/16" (14 mm) in diameter. Note that this tip is slightly larger diameter than the cutting tip of the other MULTI-FORAGE SAMPLERS above. It can be sharpened and is replaceable by removing a set screw.
  • Easy to clean by removing both the top and bottom caps.
  • The Push-out rod can be stored inside the probe and secured with an elastic strap that is attached to the canister. The same elastic strap can be used to hold a plastic bag to the canister if you want to fill directly into a sample bag. When not in use, the elastic strap wraps around the canister and is held out of the way with Velcro.
  • Rugged construction to handle heavy-duty use.

$ 575.00

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Star Uni-Forage Samplers

An excellent tool for rapid visual inspection of forages. When used to collect a sample to submit for lab analyses, you will end up with a larger sample than the lab wants if you take the recommended minimum 15-20 samples per lot of forage. Be sure to sub-sample properly to get a representative sample. (This is described in our TECHNICAL section.) Samplers feature stainless steel tubing and the original Star Cutting Tips. Uni-Forage samplers provide a 7/8" (22 mm) core sample and can be custom built up to 5' (152 cm) in length. Available in manual T-handle, manual crank handle and drill-driven models.

Push Type Uni-Forage Sampler

  • Light weight T-handle with quick-release cotter pin for easy collection of sample.
  • Standard 18" (46 cm) probe length [can be custom built up to 60" (152 cm)].
  • Features the replaceable Star Cutting Tip.

$ 190.00

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Drill-Driven Spiral-Assist Uni-Forage Sampler

  • For rapid and efficient sampling with cordless drills.
  • Features Star's unique sprial-assist probe for coring ease and the replaceable Star Cutting Tip.
  • Standard 18" (45 cm) probe length (can be custom built up to 60" (152 cm)).
  • "1/2" (13mm) drill attachment is standard. (3/8" [10mm] drill attachment available on request.)

$ 250.00

Quick Attach Pin

New Quick Attach Pin for UNI drill-driven Samplers

  • insert the pin through the holes in probe and wrap the webbing around the probe. Velcro keeps it in place.
  • The Quick Attach Pin is very safe with no rotating sharp points to catch on clothing or skin.

$ 75.00

Quick Attach Pin

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Crank Handle

Crank Handle

  • Requires significantly less effort than the T-handle without requiring a drill.
  • Can be used on any UNI sampler with or without spiral assist. It uses the same quick attachment as the T-handle Uni or the drill-driven Uni
  • Has 2 hand holds for control and comfort. You can push with your body as well.
  • It is 21" (53 cm) long so it does require more room than the T-handle.

$ 120.00

close up of Crank Handle

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Star Universal Forage Sampler

Star Universal Forage SmaplerAlthough originally designed for silage sampling, it works great for high density bales as well as regular round or square dry bales, hence the name UNIVERSAL. It uses the Star 7/8" (22 mm) cutting tip. The probe has a larger ID to reduce the friction of the sample inside. This makes for easy removal of most samples.*

Each Universal sampler comes with a plastic push-out rod (with hand protector), drill attachment for 1/2"(13 mm) drill and a protective cap for the cutting tip.

Built strong to handle the high torque required for deep sampling.

Spiral assist helps pull the sampler in and push it out of the forage reducing operator fatigue.

Star Universal Kit Extensions 39" (1 m) long can be added to take samples from as deep as you need. The extensions connect to each other with square spring pins just like the drill connect attaches to the probe. There is nothing protruding to catch on the forage being sampled. (The square spring pins can be removed for cleaning, if necessary, with a hex key.)

The Universal sampler can be purchased individually or as part of a kit. In addition to the UNIVERSAL sampler, the kits contain as many extensions as you want plus a carrying case. The kits include a carrying case, a crank handle that can be used to remove the sampler if your drill runs out of power, an extra cutting tip, a push-out rod with hand protector, and a hex key which can be used to remove the square spring pin for cleaning.

A ice-auger" type crank handle is available upon request for the UNIVERSAL sampler. Because it requires a lot of physical effort if used in high moisture forage, we only recommend it in special circumstances.

*Because this sampler is used on many different forages of varying moisture contents, we recommend you first try taking a sample of about 20" (50cm). If it is easy to remove that sample, you can then try deeper samples as long as you can remove them easily. Take particular care if you are dealing with a forage that has a high resin content or leaves a sticky residue.

Universal Forage Smapler  Universal Forage Smapler  Universal Forage Smapler  Universal Forage Smapler


  Star Universal Forage Smapler  Star Universal Forage Smapler

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Star Cutting Tip

The Star Cutting Tip's unique design uses a wave-like serrated cutting edge for clean, clog-free coring through stems, leaves and buds. Constructed of hardened 4340 steel alloy to optimize cutting edge sharpness and durability, the Star cutting tip design has revolutionized forage sampling. The probe with cutting tip attached can be replaced if necessary.

The replaceable Star Cutting Tip fits any standard 1 1/8" forage probe including the Penn State sampler.

Cutting tips on our Multi-Forage Samplers also have the serrated wave-like cutting design. The cutting edge can be resharpened and is replaceable as a cutting tip and probe unit.

$60 to $65

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Star Spiral Assist

  • Standard feature on all Star drill-driven forage samplers
  • Provides quicker coring with ease and efficiency
  • Extends life of cutting tip edge and drill battery

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