Star Quality Samplers

Forage and Silage Samplers

All Star Quality forage samplers feature stainless steel coring probes and our revolutionary Star cutting tip design. Samplers are available in push-type or drill-driven models. All samplers come with a core clearing rod and cutting tip protective endcap. See Technical page for cutting tip resharpening and sampler maintenance instructions.

Star Multi-Forage Samplers

Excellent tools for obtaining representative core samples for laboratory analyses. Star Multi-Forage Samplers take a ½" core and allow for continuous sampling of 20 bales or more to provide a composite sample which is collected in a canister/sampling container.

Push-type Forage Sampler

Push-type ABS Multi-Forage Samplers

  • 16" length stainless steel probe with Star Cutting Tip.
  • ABS 4" Canister with padded comfort end.
  • Cores probed fall into attached plastic bag.

4" Canister

$ 230.00

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Slim PVC Multi-Forage Sampler

SLIM PVC Multi-Forage Sampler

  • Light-weight push-type sampler for occasional use.
  • 12" stainless steel probe with Star Cutting Tip.
  • Canister holds 12 - 15 core samples.
  • Probe can be stored within collection canister for easy transport and protection.

$ 145.00

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Aluminum Canister Multi-Forage Sampler

Drill-Driven Aluminum Canister Multi-Forage Sampler

  • Quick release aluminum canister holds up to 1 litre of material.
  • 16" stainless steel probe with Star Cutting Tip and spiral-assist.
  • For use with standard 3/8" cordless drill (12 volt minimum recommended).

$ 395.00

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Star Uni-Forage Samplers

An excellent tool for rapid visual inspection of forages or coring into silage. Samplers feature stainless steel tubing and the original Star Cutting Tips. Uni-Forage samplers provide a 1" core sample and can be custom built up to 5' in length for silage pit or bag sampling. Available in manual and electric-drill driven models.

Push Type Uni-Forage Sampler

  • Light weight T-handle with quick-release cotter pin for easy collection of sample.
  • Standard 18" probe length (can be custom built up to 60").
  • Features the replaceable Star Cutting Tip.

$ 190.00

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Drill-Driven Spiral-Assist Uni-Forage Sampler

  • For rapid and efficient sampling with cordless drills.
  • Features Star's unique sprial-assist probe for coring ease and the replaceable Star Cutting Tip.
  • Standard 18" probe length (can be custom built up to 60").
  • Recommended use with a minimum 12-volt cordless drill.

$ 240.00

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Long Probes for Silage Pit Sampling

  • Push-type or drill-driven models.
  • Custom built probe lengths up to 5 feet (contact Star for quotation).
  • Features the replaceable Star Cutting Tip.

$ 250.00 - $ 440.00

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Star Cutting Tip

The Star Cutting Tip's unique design uses a wave-like serrated cutting edge for clean, clog-free coring through stems, leaves and buds. Constructed of hardened 4340 steel alloy to optimize cutting edge sharpness and durability, the Star cutting tip design has revolutionized forage sampling. Star Cutting Tips are easy to maintain and can be resharpened.

The replaceable Star Cutting Tip fits any standard 1 1/8" forage probe including the Penn State sampler.

Cutting tips on our Multi-Forage Samplers also have the serrated wave-like cutting design. The cutting edge can be resharpened and is replaceable as a cutting tip and probe unit.

$ 65.00

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Star Spiral Assist

  • Standard feature on all Star drill-driven forage samplers
  • Provides quicker coring with ease and efficiency
  • Extends life of cutting tip edge and drill battery

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