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Soil Tools

Star Quality Samplers manufactures durable soil tools for agricultural, land reclamation and environmental sampling and analyses. Star soil tools provide excellent samples and readings for visual inspection and laboratory analyses. The extension rods are now made of solid acetal plastic which is stronger than the stainless steel rod used in previous models. The handles are made of HD PVC.

Soil Tools

Star Soil Samplers

Star soil samplers are constructed from 1.125" (0.083" wall) stainless steel tubing with replaceable hardened 4340 steel-alloy coring tips. Soil samplers feature a full cut-away probe for viewing soil profiles, kick-out top plug, T-handle, and core-extractor.

Heavy Duty Soil Samplers Long and Short

Star Heavy Duty Short Soil Sampler

17" (43 cm) probe samples to a depth of 12" (30 cm) per lift. Total length 44" (112 cm)

$ 240.00

Star Heavy Duty Long Soil Sampler

22" (56 cm) probe samples to a depth of 18" (46 cm) per lift. Total length 49"(124 cm)

$ 255.00

Step-on Attachment (recommended)

  • Fits either HD Long or Short Soil Samplers for foot assisted coring.

($75 when ordered with a sampler)    $ 90.00

Heavy Duty Soil Tools


 Soil Sampler


This "old" style Star HD Soil Sampler with 1/2" (13 mm) extension rod and T-handle with rubber grips is still available by request. Call / email for pricing.
  • HD "short" takes up to 12" core sample
  • HD "long" takes up to 18" core sample
  • Step-on assist fits this model also.

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Forest Soil Sampler

Star Forest Soil Sampler

Custom-built robust large core sampling tool. This sampler is ideal for coring into virgin or forest soils and for collecting material for bulk density analyses. Samplers feature 24" (2" diameter) coring probe, slide hammer, replaceable coring tips, and plastic liner sleeves (optional). Please contact Star for specific information on this custom tool. Replaceable Coring Tips

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Brown-Moisture Probe

Brown Moisture Probe

Brown-Moisture Probe

  • A reliable and inexpensive tool to determine stored surface soil moisture levels for plant growth.
  • Identifies moisture layers in the soil to a depth of 39" (1 m).
  • Augered tip can extract a small soil sample for on-site analysis of soil texture and moisture content.
  • Constructed of stainless steel components with penetration depth markings.

$ 190.00

extensions 39"(1 m) available

$ 130.00

Brown Moisture Probe

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Custom-Built Star Soil Tools

Custom-Built Soil Tools
Star manufactures a wide range of custom built soil tools including soil density rings, conductivity probes and soil scoops for analytical labs and universities. Please contact Star directly for information on tools and specifications.
Custom-Built Soil Tools

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